What is our process? 

  1. You register as a Reseller (we provide a 20% discount code)
  2. You order your clients service
  3. You complete our uptake form
  4. We create an audit and unique strategy
  5. You approve
  6. We start your campaign

What is the length of the process from booking before you start the campaign?
We aim to start campaign within 1-2 business days

Is there a cancellation period?
If after the first month you decide we are not a good fit for your business, you can just drop us a line and cancel the process.

Are you a real company?
Yes, we are a real company based in London, England with a real office.

I am based in the USA; can I book your service?
Yes, regardless of where you are in the world, we can serve you.

Will you manage my account in my time zone?

Will you be available to discuss my account in my time zone?

We run a 24-hour service that serves clients from all across the world.

Are my details shared with 3rd party freelancers?
The simple answer is NO.

The passwords for your accounts are held securely in Lastpass software and it’s never revealed to anyone.  Lastpass pre-fills your login details and keep it private in the process.

How do you accept recurring payments?

Once you decide you are happy with our service, we accept payment securely through Gocardless.

Why don’t you give a specific number of content posts for my profile in your main packages? 

This is because status updates can both attract and annoy your audience. The numbers of post across social media sites depend on many elements that we calculate when we complete the audit for your business.

Why can’t you guarantee the quantity of followers?

The simple answer is because we offer an honest service. No one can guarantee number when it comes to social media. We certainly take all the steps required and so far haven’t failed to increase the metrics of our clients’ account.

Will you just automate my social media presence and leave it running?


Again, this wouldn’t be an honest service. We are very much involved in your account and at peak times we ensure that we fulfill our daily customer service obligation to your company.

How much content should I order?

You shouldn’t attempt to answer this until WE create a social media strategy and content strategy. Do remember that your content will be in place to serve your overall business goals.

Do I need to approve the content that you produce for my campaign?

We send you the content and if we don’t hear otherwise, we will proceed. Bearing in mind that we create your content based on your clients’ requirements, we are confident that it will fulfil its role in your campaign.

Is my content original?

Definitely your content is original content and can be checked against copyscape.com

What do you measure in a social media marketing campaign? 
Brand awareness = reach
Thought leadership = consumption
Word of mouth = shares and Retweets
Leads = Actions
Sales = Conversion

Which accounts do you manage? We manage the big 5 namely: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.